Direct interventions

A wide range of measures is available which aim to capture or kill rodent pests – these are ‘direct interventions’. Some of these rely on physical means, such as trapping, others rely on chemical methods including rodenticide baits, gases, powders, foams and gels. Chemical methods rely on a range of active substances. Due to the differing policies of chemical regulation jurisdictions around the world, there is wide variability on what chemicals are available to practitioners. For example, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has implemented policies which restrict rodent pest management using chemical interventions almost entirely to the anticoagulant rodenticides. Conversely, under the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, a wider range of alternatives to anticoagulants is available. This document will not attempt to provide information on the legal ability of practitioners to obtain and use specific chemicals in a particular country. Those who use the information contained in it should ensure that they comply with local regulations concerning the products and their label instructions.