Aim and Authors


This document provides guidance to advisors, national authorities, professionals, practitioners and others on the nature of anticoagulant resistance in rodents, the identification of anticoagulant resistance, strategies for rodenticide application that will avoid the development of resistance and the management of resistance where it occurs.


The Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee (RRAC) is a working group within the framework of CropLife International. Participating companies include: Bayer AG, BASF, Liphatech S. A., PelGar, Rentokil Initial, Syngenta and Zapi. Senior technical specialists, with specific expertise in rodenticides, represent their companies on this committee.

The RRAC is grateful to the following contributors: Kristof Baert, Philippe Berny, Alan Buckle, Charlie Eason, Stefan Endepols, Nicole Klemann, Alexandra Esther, Adrian Meyer, Hans-Joachim Pelz, Colin Prescott.

Photos provided by Stefan Endepols.