United Kingdom

Resistance data shown on the maps are based on limited data, and can not show a complete picture.



Click on the map to zoom in and center a specific area. Click an drag to change the viewport. Use the zoom buttons to zoom in and out. With the following buttons you enable (on) or disable (off) points on the map.



Disclaimer: Data points were taken from published literature (see reference list). Additional data for United Kingdom were kindly provided by Prescott, C., Baxter, M., Coan, E., Jones, C., Rymer, D., and Stuart, A., Vertebrate Pests Unit, University of Reading, UK. Geographical co-ordinates were rounded to a level of uncertainty, which does not allow to conclude on addresses with confirmed resistance on the map. The center of a coloured resistance spot deviates by minimum 2km from the site of reistance sampling.